Carpet Repair & Re-Stretch

Do you look at your carpet and think, "WOW I need carpet!" Do you have carpet damage that carpet cleaning can't remove? At B&N Carpet Care we have an installer with 50 years' experience. Buckling carpet can be re-stretched, burn holes repaired, pet issues that are irreversible, and so many more problems may be repairable. Re-stretching a carpet and then having the carpet cleaned by B&N Carpet Care will add many more years of life to your carpet. Call today for a free onsite estimate for carpet stretching and cleaning. Let the professional at B&N Carpet Care make it look like new again.

Carpet repair
Carpet repair

I really appreciated the information the gentleman gave me regarding carpet that was buckled, we were told we would have to replace it. Helping your customer’s shows your business really cares. Thank you!

Donna – Dunlap

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