Your carpet, furniture, and hard surface floor is often the first impression you make when someone enters your building. With routine commercial cleaning and maintenance, your customers can see that you are an organized and well - maintained business. You don't cut corners in your daily business, why would you in your commercial cleaning and maintenance?

Carpet Cleaning

When your customers or potential customers enter your place of business one of the first impressions will be the floors. As you know first impressions are critical for all businesses and a part of those first impressions are clean carpets. Regular carpet cleaning helps employees as well during cold and flu season especially if your business has high foot traffic. Most of our commercial customers get their carpets cleaned every 2 or 3 months. For a free onsite estimate call B&N Carpet Care today!

Commercial carpet cleaning Commercial carpet cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Let us care for your furniture and other fabric surfaces that can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. We come to you with our mobile cleaning service and carefully trained technicians that will apply neutral ph cleansing agents to penetrate the fabric and dissolve the soil. We will extract 95% of the residual matter, leaving your treasured furnishing looking new and refreshed.

Included in our cleaning service is the application of Fabric Protectors which guards against future spills, spots, and stain and keeps them from penetrating and ruining your fabric.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Hard Surface Floor

Beautiful, shining hard-surface floors will impress visitors to your facility. When regularly and correctly maintained, they can help enhance your professional image while providing a clean, safe working environment. We can provide periodic maintenance such as high speed buffing, stripping, and waxing. Please contact us today (309) 688-1739 so that we can develop a commercial hard surface floor cleaning program for your office or facility.

Commercial hard surface floor
Commercial hard surface floor
Commercial hard surface floor

Water Damage

Water damage at your home or business can happen at any time and for many reasons. Now you have the most qualified water damage restoration company at your fingertips. We are the gold standard in central Illinois for water damage restoration with a professional installer on staff. We have the best agents and mildewcides for quickly removing mildew and drying methods in the industry. Once the carpet is dry our staff installer with 50 years’ experience comes back replaces the pad, reinstalls the carpet and then B&N Carpet Care cleans it and makes it look like the damage never happened.

Water damage restoration can be very stressful. The professionals at B&N Carpet Care can relieve that stress. We are certified water damage restoration experts and have a 98% save rate on most water damage on carpet that is less than 36 hours old as long as there has been no previous water damage. Don’t pay inflated prices for water damage restoration with unqualified amateurs, call the experts in central Illinois at B&N Carpet Care.

Thanks so much for the wonderful service and beautiful results on our carpets! Your visit was not only professional, but a fun experience! Suggestion: Leave extra cards so we can pass your name on to others.

Louise – Peoria

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